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Love Life, Live Now ™
Love Life, Live Now is a philosophy I use as my mantra.

Choosing to Love Life, gives us the opportunity to look at life in a new way; a chance
to begin anew each day. Loving life guides us to experience love and gratitude in the
simplicity of life, allowing each experience to be an opportunity for growth and
expansion. When we practice seeing the good in every aspect of life, we begin to see
our life experiences from a much more profound perspective. Each challenge and
each joy is part of a greater purpose, which is to express, who we truly are and to
understand that we are powerful, loving and lovable beings, who make a difference
in the world.

Practicing Living Now, is the choice to live and experience peace moment by
moment without the expectation of perfection. Accepting and loving ourselves as we
are, knowing that we will be guided when we do not have the answers, and
allowing ourselves to experience heaven on earth and refusing to wait for the
fulfillment of a task or ascension to be happy.  Choosing to let go of the past and
trusting the future is a road map to peace and happiness.

Amidst of all of life’s conditions, we have forgotten that only love is real everything
else is a stepping stone to remembering, who we truly are.

We all have the ability and the tools to help us understand our soul’s mission; I can
help you tap into the tools and forgotten talents by connecting with the angels.
When you connect with the angels, you are connecting to a part of yourself.

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a puzzle to be solved. Rather than trying to figure it
all out at once, let the mystery unfold and prepare to be delighted” Unknown source


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Love Life, Live Now ™
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