Angel readings and energy sessions can be conducted in person, by phone, e-mail or
Satari Amber
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**A session with Satari Amber  is not a substitute for medical or psychological care. If you
require the care of a licensed health care professional, please contact your state's medical
and/or psychological board
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Love Life, Live Now ™
Angel Healings & Readings:  An intuitive reading, which is conducted by
connecting with the Angelic realm, the messages given involve providing
guidance to help with all areas of your life.

Intuitive Angel Coaching: These are personalized sessions that are tailored
to your soul’s unique dimensions. Through the Intuitive Angel Coaching
Sessions, you will work with your Angel’s and Spiritual guides on specific
areas of your life that you would like to change or discover. More

Aura Cleanse: Involves walking the client through a series of processes, this
helps clear debris and lower energies for the human energy field.

Gift Certificate: Offering gift certificates  for any of the services offered.

Integrated Energy Therapy: Involves connecting with specific angels
associated with the human energy field, who guide the healer in removing
blocks from the cellular memory areas of the physical, emotional, mental and
spiritual bodies.

Workshops: I offer classes in conjunction with my guides and angels, which
aid in personal spiritual development. My mission is to give light workers the
tools to heal areas of their lives which are no longer working, by helping
you to remember your true identity and natural inheritance of joy as a child
of God.
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